Traditional Long and short Hawaiian Muumuu style designed for comfort and easy movement. Beautiful hawaiian tropical flower designs can be used as a wedding dress. Easy Slip over the top design. Come with one side pocket.

Made in Hawaii.
Material: Cotton/polyester.
Matching men's shirts available in some prints

Hawaiian Muumuus
#1 Cool white, XL and 4XL

Hawaiian Muumuus<br>#1 Cool white, XL and 4XL
Hawaiian Muumuus,
White with Red flower

Hawaiian Muumuus,<br>White with Red flower
Hawaiian muumuu
Purple flower, XL to 4XL

Hawaiian muumuu<br>Purple flower, XL to 4XL
Hawaiian Muumuus,
Blue flower XL - 4XL

Hawaiian Muumuus,<br>Blue flower  XL - 4XL
Hawaiian Muumuus,
Navy leaf, XL

Hawaiian Muumuus,<br>Navy leaf, XL
Hawaiian Muumuus,
Red leaf, XL & 2XL

Hawaiian Muumuus,<br>Red leaf, XL & 2XL
Hawaiian Muumuus,
Yellow flower, 3XL

Hawaiian Muumuus,<br>Yellow flower, 3XL
Hawaiian Muumuus,
Pink flower, XL to 4XL

Hawaiian Muumuus,<br>Pink flower, XL to 4XL