Kids Clothes

Aloha, welcome to Kids clothes in Aloha Shirts and Muumuu's.

These adorable Hawaii Alohawear kids clothes are scaled down versions of Muumuu's (ladies dress) and Hawaii Aloha Shirts. Muumuu's and Hawaiian Shirts are comfortable generally loose fitting clothes made from attractive colorful fabric prints representing many aspects of the breathtaking sights and scenic beauty found through out the Hawaiian Islands.

Kids Clothes - Beautiful clothing for Boys and Girls in Hawaii print apparel.

* Comfort: Children feel comfortable & cool with this non-restricting design.
* Contemporary Prints: Regularly updated with the latest style Hawaii prints as they come available.
* Quality: Hand made in Hawaii USA to assure quality and attention to every detail.

Girls Hawaii Sun dresses

Girls Hawaii Sun dresses
Hawaiian childrens clothes
Girls Long Muumuu

Hawaiian childrens clothes<br> Girls Long Muumuu
Hawaiian Childrens Clothes
Kids Hawaii shirt / short set

Hawaiian Childrens Clothes<br>Kids Hawaii shirt / short set
50% cotton / 50% polyester blend material
We pick the print, you pick the color.

50% cotton / 50% polyester blend material<br>We pick the print, you pick the color.
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